IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)


Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is often the first type of fertility treatment that individuals or couples use to start a family.

Regardless of why you may need IUI, the goal of this treatment is to get you pregnant faster by increasing the number of sperm that make it to the Fallopian tubes, where fertilization is much more likely to occur.


IUI relies on the natural ability of sperm to fertilize an egg in the Fallopian tube. Studies show that IUI will not be as effective in cases where the male has an abnormal semen analysis. A semen analysis will confirm the health of the male partner’s sperm.

From start to finish, an IUI procedure takes just a few minutes, requires no anesthesia, and is performed at our office. It’s a relatively swift way for specially-prepared sperm to enter a woman’s uterus (via a catheter). The timing of an IUI procedure is based on a woman’s ovulation for the highest possibility of pregnancy.


As ovulation occurs, a sperm sample from either a donor or the male partner will be prepared in our laboratory for insemination.

Once collected, the semen sample is “washed” in our Andrology lab to concentrate the sperm.




Ovarian Stimulation
During natural ovulation, a woman develops and releases one single egg from her ovaries. To increase the chance of fertilization and pregnancy, our fertility experts may encourage the release of multiple eggs in an IUI cycle with the use of fertility medications.

Our fertility doctors in Albany, Rochester, or Syracuse will monitor and track your menstrual cycle. When ovulation time nears, we will perform an ultrasound in order to confirm that an egg has been released. Within a day or two of ovulation, your IUI procedure will take place.

Semen Analysis and Preparation
A sperm sample from either your male partner or a donor is prepared in our lab as ovulation occurs. In order to concentrate the sperm and remove seminal fluid, which can cause cramping, our embryologists will wash the sample.

The insemination procedure takes just a few minutes, requires no anesthesia or surgery, and takes place right in our Albany, Rochester, or Syracuse office. You will be able to return to regular activities the same day.

Pregnancy Test
Two weeks after your IUI procedure, you’ll come for an in-office pregnancy test. Our pregnancy test is the more accurate than any at-home pregnancy test, and shows definitively if you are pregnant.


Statistically, IUI doubles the success rates of natural intercourse, but no two patients are exactly alike. After reviewing and discussing your medical history with you, our fertility doctors will be able to assess your chance of success using IUI. Your individual chance of success using IUI depends on:

  • age
  • contributing factors in your unique infertility case
  • sperm count in your chosen sperm sample



An initial fertility consultation with our fertility experts is a first step towards understanding what treatment option is best for you. Our fertility doctors will review your medical history and complete a full fertility workup before discussing whether IUI is the right treatment to help you become a parent.

Each fertility case follows its own unique path. Our Central New York fertility experts will help you find yours!



Whether you would like to schedule a consultation with a fertility doctor or just need some basic advice, don’t hesitate to call or email us!