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Tubal Reversal vs. IVF

“Should I get a tubal reversal or go with IVF?” 

It is one of the most popular FAQ we receive.  And for us, it’s easy to answer.

Because our Albany/Rochester/Syracuse IVF success rates are equal to those after a tubal surgery – and come with far less risk, inconvenience and cost to our patients – we strongly suggest in Vitro fertilization (IVF).


With respect to your health, time, money, and fertility success, our fertility experts recommend IVF as a much more effective pathway to pregnancy than tubal reversal.

Here’s why:

  • Choosing IVF means future birth control is not needed; the Fallopian tubes remain tied
  • IVF has higher success rates than a tubal reversal
  • Women can become pregnant more quickly via IVF
  • Tubal reversals require major surgery
  • IVF does not require a hospital stay
  • IVF does not require an extended recovery period
  • 20% of tubal reversals result in ectopic/failed pregnancies
  • Ectopic pregnancies require emergency treatment
  • With IVF, the risk of ectopic pregnancy is just 1%
  • One IVF cycle costs less than a tubal reversal surgery


Need advice? The first step is to contact our fertility experts in Albany, Rochester, or Syracuse.

Our network has performed thousands of IVF cycles and will guide you through the process of choosing which procedure offers the best chance for a successful pregnancy.