My First Fertility Appointment


You may already know the “math” equation.

Sperm + egg = baby.

But when you’re dealing with infertility, or in need of sperm or eggs, the question becomes: now what? Your initial consultation is an opportunity to finally get some answers and make a clear plan for your journey to parenthood.

Our goal is for you to leave your initial consultation with the confidence and hope to building a family.


You first appointment at one of our fertility locations in New York will essentially be an open, honest discussion between yourself and one of our award-winning experts.

During this hour-long initial consultation, you will:

  • meet your fertility doctor
  • discuss your personal fertility goals
  • discuss your personal fertility concerns
  • review and discuss your medical history
  • ask questions!!
  • schedule diagnostic testing to evaluate your fertility
  • meet with your nurses and financial coordinator


Your first appointment at a fertility clinic is most likely the very first time you are hearing such detailed information regarding your reproductive past, present, or future.

If possible, it helps to have a second “set of ears” to take it all in. Your partner plays an important role in building your family and will also require fertility testing as part of the diagnostic process — so we encourage them join you.

If you are single, don’t hesitate to bring along a trusted friend or family member. Having a strong social support system is hugely beneficial for processing important information, making decisions, and remaining confident during this phase of treatment.


To make the most of your initial consultation, it helps to come prepared.

The best way to advocate for yourself is to ask questions! Better yet, bring your list along to your first appointment! It’s also a great way to ensure no question is left unanswered.

Ultimately, our priority is for you to understand and feel comfortable with your fertility treatment plan.

In addition to answering any questions that you may have, your IVF doctor will also gather information about your fertility, health history, and habits that will help us to make an accurate diagnosis. Together we will have an honest discussion regarding standard reproductive topics such as:

  • How long have you been having intercourse without birth control?
  • How long have you been actively trying to get pregnant?
  • How frequently do you have intercourse?
  • What are your menstrual cycles typically like?
  • Have you ever experienced a miscarriage?
  • Are there any genetic diseases that run in your family?
  • How are you (and your partner) coping with infertility?


If you’ve undergone fertility testing or treatment elsewhere prior to your first visit at our IVF locations in Albany, Rochester, or Syracuse, you may be seeking a second opinion with us. Our fertility experts will conduct a comprehensive “fertility audit” to review your fertility history and past medical files to better understand the cause of your infertility, and create a plan that offers you confidence, hope, and the best chance for success.


Whether you would like to schedule a consultation with a fertility doctor or just need some basic advice, don’t hesitate to call or email us!