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Frozen Donor Egg IVF

Boston IVF – The Arizona Center has the most successful frozen donor egg program in Arizona, and we are able to freeze and thaw eggs with equivalent success rates to fresh donor eggs. This offers you an option to a fresh donor cycle.


Choosing an egg donor is an important part of your treatment. Our goal at Boston IVF is to provide you with a convenient, easy and affordable way to find the frozen donor eggs of your choice, so that you can begin treatment as quickly as possible.

Our patients are welcome to select their egg donor from any egg bank they choose which allows them to choose from a diverse range of egg donors who have been carefully screened and “banked” or who can offer a fresh cycle.

gestcarrier1Egg donors must pass an intensive screening process to ensure that they meet strict criteria for health, fitness, and psychological and genetic predispositions for future diseases.







Frozen donor eggs are “on the shelf” waiting for you to use. The frozen donor egg process averages only 1-3 months which significantly shortens the length of time between donor selection and pregnancy by 3-6 months or more. Frozen egg donors have already gone through extensive medical and psychological screenings, completed their fertility stimulation drug therapy and have had their eggs retrieved and frozen using the latest assisted reproductive technology available, called vitrification.

Vitrification is a flash-freeze process that is superior to the conventional slow-freeze method, which frequently resulted in poor egg survival due to the development of ice crystals in the eggs.

Using frozen donor eggs, we no longer have to synchronize cycles, which can take several months; eggs are able to be thawed as soon as you are ready.

Achieving pregnancy using already retrieved, frozen donor eggs is truly a tremendous step forward. With frozen eggs, the process can happen on your schedule, eliminating the need to synchronize your menstrual cycle with your egg donor’s.

touchUsing frozen eggs also eliminates the expense and need for your donor to travel, as well as any unexpected costs and the risk of obstacles along the way. For all of these reasons, more people are choosing frozen donor eggs over fresh.